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Here you can add your suggestion for future versions of Calmira. As Calmira is largely based on user feedback, your suggestions are the basic building blocks of Calmira. But there are some conciderations...

If your suggestion is useful to a large proportion of users, then it will be considered. I usually rule out ideas that are beyond the scope of managing files, programs and tasks, and also those which are purely cosmetic features. These include animations, calendars, diaries, alarm clocks, wallpaper facilities, desktop themes, Win95 style title bars and menus, and file viewers (just to name a few).

Good ideas will be considered by their level of demand, difficulty of implementation and resource requirements. So the highest priority goes to features that are in high demand, quick to program, and don't use excessive memory or processing power. Be prepared to justify your ideas in detail -- I may need a bit of convincing!

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 Calmira Suggested features

Feasability comments are in Italic. if there is no comment, it will probably not be implemented, either because it is too extensive to implement, or I don't know how to implement it.

Idea: Get rid of the Micro$oft logo. Have your own.

Idea: Keep the operating system small and fast for the older computers but have an expansion pack with added graphics effects, icons and stuff for the computers that can handle it.

Idea: It would be great if an option like "Send to..." was added to the right click menu of Explorer and Icon windows.

Also on my wishlist.

Idea: Leave the "My Computer" icon on the desktop, even when it's opened.

Currently not an option.

Idea: What about Calmira-skins!

Idea: It would be very nice if one could copy the whole path of a selected file to the clipboard, for example: c:\programs\app1\app1.exe.

Look out for Calmira 3.1 beta 2!

Idea: A "Select all files" command on the right-click menu in Calmira explorer

Press CTRL-A

Idea: I think calmira should come with a 95 slash screen

You mean splash...? Sorry, Copyright stuff etc...

Idea: Please, let Explorer show by files in Detail mode as well, this shouldn't be too difficult? And the ability to sort files ascending as well as descending?

Detail view in win95 is called list view in Calmira. I'll have a look into ascending sort.

Idea: Please, include saving wallpaper, desktop scheme and maybe even screen saver for different user profiles.

Not feasable I'm afraid.

Idea: Make it possible to get to My Computer window, by Alt+Tab switch, when it is behind other open windows

Double click the taskbar. I'm thinking of putting My Computer and Recycle Bin ont the taskbak when opened.

Idea: It would be nice if Calmira's taskbar could have a customizeable Quick-Launch section like in Win 95/98.

Not feasable; too resource intensive.

Idea: I don't know if it's possible, but can the Recycle bin be made compatible with the (dos) delete sentry system?

I'll have a look, no guarantees.

Idea: How about a use for the worthless F12 or F11 buttons on the keyboard. It would be great if there was a button combination that would go straight to the shutdown dialog, or maybe even bypass it and just shut down without the dialog.

I can see the complaints now: "I accidentally pressed F12 and lost all my work!"

Idea: A COMMDLG.DLL replacement with Win9x-style dialog boxes ?

Calmira may have a build in replacement File dialog in the future. Rebuilding Commdlg.dll is not feasable.

Idea: How about the ability to toggle off the text descriptions on the taskbar? I mean the ones right on the buttons. I would prefer to use the pop-up hints, and get more buttons into the first row. This would also allow for more icons in the applet tray!

Not feasable I'm afraid. It may seem easy, but would require major hacking in the current taskbutton arrangement code.

Idea: I'd really like to see the start menu match the taskbar when colors are changed

Me too. Look for it in the future.

Idea: Please, put an option in System Properties to close all applications before another login. Also, it would be nice to add an option so I could disable Alt+Tab switching and working in open applications until I finish my login process.

Remember, the re-login feature is still expirimental, and not finisfed.

Idea: One feature of Win98 that I like is the ability to use a task bar icon as a toggle for the associated window -- i.e., the first click minimizes the window, next click restores, etc.

Good idea.

Idea: Ability to minimize all running windows with a single mouse click

Will two mouse clicks be acceptable?

Idea: Set up calmira so that it remembers connections to network drives and will reconnect to the network drive each time it starts up.

This is Windows' own responability. Calmir's new network setup let's Windows do the work now.

Idea: When a file window is restored by clicking on its taskbar button, there is no "restore" sound (although it should be played); this only works when "Restore" is selected from the window's system menu.

A bug. (What is it doing here?)

Idea: When a file window is set to "small icon view", the popup should show the description, but instead it shows the file name (which we know already).

Another bug, unable to fix.

Idea: More security, like being able to remove the MY Computer Icon from the desktop and an option to turn off all the right-click menus, like the ones that appear over the toolbar.

'Security' is low priority in Calmira.

Idea: In w95/98 when you press ctrl+alt+del youl get a menu of with program to close. want it in calmira. Mayby its impossible cause calmira is just a shell, but please try

Alas, impossible. Only the windows kernel can trap ctrl+alt+del.

Idea: It would be nice to see a "Dial Up Networking" folder in "My Computer" (as in Win9x). Users could then add items to this folder which would point to whatever dial-up s/w they had, eg Trumpet, Shiva, etc.

I'll look into the ability to put folder in My Computer.

Idea: Display descriptions in Explorer Tree

Not feasable.

Idea: It would be very nice if I could toggle between Move and Copy operations (with Alt, of course) in Icon Window, while still holding the file with left mouse button.

You can toggle with the right button while while dragging.

Idea: Offer programs to run by: Normal, Minimized, Maximized, Hidden.

Will do.

Idea: It would be nice if left clicking on the desktop would open the start menu where you clicked.

Not feasable; This would conflict with double clicking the desktop.

Idea: Calmira is the best! Don't let new features require any more than they now do. My computer is just enough to run Calmira and I would be happy if the future versions of Calmira would work on it too!

Idea: When you have caps-lock on you can't go to the file starting with that letter. It would be nice if it also worked with it on, and not just when it is off...

Idea: Log when users log on to the computer, so that we can see when each user logs on. Useful in multi-user environments.

Idea: Option to sort on name, size, extension etc. in find dialog

Idea: The indicator of keyboard layouts in taskbar for two and more languages.

Idea: Make size of tasks on the bar configurable

Idea: How about the option to have a show desktop botton on the taskbar like the items that are right next to the start button like in Windows 95/98.

Idea: Have an option to convert Start menu folders back into .grp files.

Is on my to-do list.

Idea: A power off option for computers with APM

Not feasable.

Idea: Yet another suggestion is to be able to navigate from icon to icon on the desktop by using the arrow keys, as in W9x.

Not feasable.

Idea: User configurable right-click menu, so we can add/remove commands/instructions/etc (e.g. implement "Send To..." and "Add To Zip". For example, I never use the repaint screen command. So I'd like to be able to remove it and add something I would use more frequently ("Add to zip" or "Send To...", for example)

Too complicated for now.

Idea: That programmes can be run from the desktop by selecting the icon and pressing the ENTER key.

Trappjng key press events for shortcuts remains a problem.

Idea: It would be nice if all the shortcuts on the desktop could reside in a single folder. Much like the Win95 desktop folder. This would allow for things OTHER than shortcuts to be stored on the desktop.

Feasable, but not soon.

Idea: What about Ctrl+Tab for switching between tabs (in File Properties dialog, for example)?

Windows already trapped CTRL-TAB.

Idea: Add a network neighborhood icon if possible with win 3.11 network

Not feasable in the near future.

Idea: Remove the 8 character limit in the password change routine.

Idea: Make Calmira automatically open Program Manager when it sees a setup program. And when the setup program closes, make Calmira import the groups and close Program Manager.

There are plans to improve Calmira's Progman DDE support.

Idea: An option to hide a file name in all directories. Or at least a setting to have "descript.ion" not visible, even if "show hidden" is set

Idea: In Explorer -- PLEASE add an option to display file sizes in BYTES, rather than KB/MB without having to iconize the entire window.

Idea: How about being able to put the task bar on the left or right hand side of the screen?

Idea: I think the taskbar should have movable tab like things like Win98 and have the Address beta program built into the run dialog and stuff like that.

Idea: Is a TaskBar "toolbar" possible in the next versions of Calmira possible? You may know these as the slideable bars of icons on the Taskbar itself; already in Win95/98. That would be a kool functionality.

Too resource intensive (for now).

Idea: how about a file finder that searchs the descriptions?

Idea: Automatically import Program Manager groups to the Programs submenu of the start menu

Idea: I think the next version of Calmira should have the desktop and Start Menu as a folder, so you can save files, not just shortcuts/alias on them.

Idea: I think you should be able to right click a folder or a drive and click "Open in New Window".

Idea: Drag and drop to the task bar applet tray.

Idea: Fix the %url% variable, doesn't work.

Idea: Make use of the wheel on Intellimouse and clones to scroll through long documents.

Idea: It would be a good addition if there was a dll plugin file for the windows file manager that would delete files from there to Calmira's trashcan.

Idea: It would be nice if using the icon windows talked more with explorer so that double clicking on a directory in an icon window also changed the folder selected in the explorer tree.


Idea: It would be nice if the start menu could display directories ie. if you click on a directory in the startmenu it will check the directory for files and display the contents in a sub-level without having to enter all the files into the "start.ini" and changing it when ever you add a new file to that directory.

Idea: Trap Ctrl+Alt+Del to bring up a Win9x like Task List to close applications.

Not feasable.

Idea: It would be nice to type explorer and then the name of the directory you want to go to like in 9x ie. "explorer c:\windows ."


Idea: How about the ability to change the My Computer and Recycling Bin icons without having to restart windows.

Idea: It would be nice to see a shutdown screen indicating its safe to turn off the computer.

Idea: Support for large fonts (please, think of all those people with disabilities)

Idea: (Taskbar) more steps for the popup / go down speed selectors

I can't go any slower.

Idea: (Taskbar) more slower speed settings (the slowest setting is too fast even for a DX/2)

See above.

Idea: option to create new files in a folder's context menu (not only new folders)

Idea: It would save time if you could hold down say ctrl and left click on several applications in the start menu to start them at the same time.

Idea: I would like to have a configurable context-sensitive menu for different file-extensions

Idea: Place menus in the file windows.

Working on it.

Idea: Put a location comboBox on the left hand side of the file panels toolbar. Just Like WIndows 95

Working on it.

Idea: Make My Computer window use the same window as the file windows. i.e. when 'up one level' button is pushed from a root directory the contents of My Computer appear in the same window as the files were.

Not feasable in the near future.

Idea: When logging in and user types in the wrong password, clear or highlight contents of the password text box


Idea: Give each user access to different files. i.e. Lock certain users out of system files.

Not feasable.

Idea: Permit the re-ordering of open program buttons on the taskbar without needing to close all and re-open in desired sequence.

Idea: Most of all I want to see in the next Version is, that Calmira CAN display 256 colour or more !

In theory, Calmira can... but only if you display driver is set to 64K colors or more.

Idea: It would be nice if the Start menu->Programs Menu would scroll if it was too big to fit on screen.

Idea: Have the option to turn off the clock on the taskbar

Idea: It would be great to have an option in the right-click menu to eject CDs

Idea: Is it possible to have Explorer have a picture background?


Idea: Be able to delete folders from the tree window in Explorer

This has been disabled due to instability.

Idea: I'd like to be able to call a batch file from the '$ShutDown' command to allow different exit options.

Idea: I would like to see a Calmira Explorer which opens both windows at the same time and could be pluged in an older version.

Idea: I would like to see a way for users to be able to specify what programs go into the tray isntead of into the taskbar on execution, like in Win95

Idea Have the free memory shown in MB instead of KB.

Idea: Refresh button in file browser

Press F5.

Idea: I would like to see user definded right clcik menus for the desktop

Idea: Pressing CTRL+ESC works as startbutton as in win 9x

Idea: A Suspend(If the system has APM) button and 'Log off...' button on the Start Menu.

Idea: A send-to command on the right-button menus! This would be useful!

Idea: A two-pane file manager

Idea: Most of all I want to see the Explorer in a Single Pane Window

Working on it.

Idea: Windows 98's 'launch bar', which contains icons for a user's preferred programs

Idea: A Format command on drive pulldown menus.

Idea: Include some of the extra programs that calmira users have made. The new calmira users could get for example base-install and full-installation packages.

Idea: It would be nice if Alt F4 would close Calmira instead of deleting shortcuts...

Idea: One feature i would like to see is in the file window of explorer--or after scrolling down the directory and opening a file, upon closing it, keep the highlighter on that same file.

Idea: An extended Task Bar

Idea: Maybe have a graphic bar to display cpu usage and memory

Idea: Embed the environment variable %calmira% into the DOS environment


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